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How It Works

It is easy for you to start promoting Speedy Casino, Speedy Bet, Simple Casino, and Casino Heroes; we use the well known affiliate software NetRefer that is reliable and makes it easy for you to find the information, material, and figures that you need for your business.

Your commission is based on the amount of player revenue generated monthly at Speedy Casino, Speedy Bet, Simple Casino, and Casino Heroes. Your monthly share of the net revenue for all the players you have referred works as follows:

Commission Plans

Net revenue* per month
Referral commission
€0 – €10 000
€10 001 – €20 000
€20 001 – €30 000
€30 001 +
* Net revenue = what your players lose, minus the bonus that players can withdraw, minus admin fees View the Hero Affiliates Program Terms & Conditions


Where do I find marketing material to promote the Hero Brands?

Once you log into your account, click on ‘Media Gallery’ and remove All Filters.

Then click on ‘Filter’ and choose accordingly to your preference.

What is the Standard Reward Plan?

The revenue share plan is as follows:

Net revenue per month Referral commission;

€0-€10000                            20%

€10001-€20000                  25%

€20001-€30000                  30%

€30001-unlimited                45%

The more revenue you generate, the more commission you will reach as per above.

How will I as an affiliate be paid?

You first need to input all your bank details in the system and an automatic payout will take place accordingly. Alternatively, you can choose one of our e-Wallet facilities such as Skrill or Neteller.

From where are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid from Heroic Promotions Ltd.

When does Hero Gaming pay the commission?

We aim to pay all our commission by the third week of every single month.

What is the minimum amount for payout commission?

The minimum amount for payout of affiliate commissions is €100. Commissions are paid automatically using the payment details present in the affiliate account.

What are Hero Gaming’s company details?

Heroic Promotions Limited

Co number: 111502

Suite C, Ground Floor

Neptune House Marina Bay


What is Hero Gaming's VAT number?

Heroic Promotions Limited is registered in Gibraltar where VAT does not apply.

Where do affiliates send their invoices?

Affiliates can send their invoices to

Kindly also include the Affiliate ID in the invoice together with a breakdown per month.

Please refrain from including VAT since the company is registered in Gibraltar.

Does an affiliate program have a negative net revenue carryover?

At the end of each month, the Net Revenue statistics are reset to zero (0).

Where can I view my statistics?

You can run a weekly or a monthly report by logging into your account, then clicking on Reports and choose accordingly.

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